The Father's House is a local church in Fort Collins, CO pastored by Caleb & Mike Miller. The Father's House is also the host of the Word of Grace Annual Conference and various guest speakers from around the world.
Mystical School w/John Crowder When: April 24, 25, & 26 2014 Times TBD
Word of Grace Annual Conference When: June 8-11, 2015
Alt:Onement Conference When: August 10-15 2015 Times TBD
Jeff Turner When: October 2015 Times TBD
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Teaching, Books & More

Much of the teaching at Father's House is sequential in nature. If you're new to The Father's House, and are unsure where to start, we have created a list of recommended listening to help you get started. Please visit this page to get started!
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Recommended Reading

Monthly Recommendations

Every month we feature one of the books Caleb is currently reading, or one that he has read and has significantly impacted the ministry. This month's book is "The Bible Tells Me So" by Peter Enns.

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Sidewalk Theology

Making tough topics understandable
Sidewalk Theology

Caleb has begun a new video blog entitled "Sidewalk Theology". The aim is to present theological topics in understandable, bite sized videos. Find them on our youtube channel.
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We Are Passionate About Grace

You are included in the life, love and fellowship of the triune Godhead. All of our material is aimed at declaring this truth to you.

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Calendar of Events

CL 2014
City of Light is the annual series of speakers at The Father's House. This Year we have had Steve McVey, Brad Jersak, C. Baxter Kruger and next up is Michael Hardin Oct 25-26. All events are free, though space is limited. Contact Us for info.

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JU 2015
The Annual Word of Grace Conference is scheduled for June 8-11, 2015. This year the speakers are Steve McVey, Brad Jersak, Brian Zahnd, Don Keathley, Mike Miller and Caleb Miller with special music by Don and Wendy Francisco. June 8-11. Registration is available online at the conference site - space is limited so early registration is recommended!

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Latest From the Blog

Reading the Scriptures

How we read scripture is tainted by our traditions. We have all been taught from within our various theological schools (of which we are all a part, like it or not) to read texts "objectively" (which is just a fancy way of saying "how my denomination says I read it objectively") and interpret texts "contextually" (which is just a fancy way of saying "how my denomination says this is its context"). Reading "objectively"—I believe—is fundamentally impossible. Objectivity is subject to the same constraints as theology, namely human determination & understanding (i.e. someone must decide what it is that constitutes "objectivity" and "good theology"). I would argue that "objectivity" is in its very essence—subjective.

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Meet Our Pastors

Caleb Miller Pastor
Mike Miller Pastor
Caleb's teaching, books, music, blogs and video blogs have touched many lives desperate for a grander vision of the Father.

Mike's revelation of the nature of God and his ministry on healing have reached people from every walk of life.

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