September 26, 2022

As a mother of many children and a grandmother of even more, I delight in the individual-ness of each one of these amazing creatures.

I see strength and courage in some, hesitation and insecurity in others, free flying in some, artists, writers, teachers, singers, athletes, stubborn to the core, submissive to a fault, stumbling through life at a breakneck speed, lovers, huggers, shyly reaching out for acceptance, and some with a chip as big as a redwood on their shoulders-and yet all with same DNA as Mike and/or I coursing through their veins.

To think for even a moment that they should all talk alike, think alike, look alike would be absurd. And rather boring.

I believe that the very ONE who created mankind in HIS VERY OWN IMAGE and LIKENESS is well able to appreciate the uniqueness of each one of us.
To exclude one another based on color, gender, size, preferences, or even beliefs is to exclude the God who formed them in their mother’s womb. He made us individuals and I believe expected us to celebrate one another.

I am one proud mom and grandy to have children and grandchildren who can think for themselves. Those who can study the histories and teach them to those who don’t study. Those who are scientists, yet love God with all their heart. Those who are moms struggling to get through another day, still taking the time to tell their kids about the Jesus who loves them unconditionally. Those who train others to excel in all areas including physical activities. Those who can listen to an engine and tell you what’s wrong with your car. Those who can cut your hair, or mix a great margarita, or redo your kitchen cabinets- all together make up the joy of my world, the completeness of my life.

Now if I, a mortal, a woman who chose motherhood and homemaking as a career, can embrace such diversity in my heart overflowing with love, why on earth can we not accept and love and include all who are in our path? Do we think it is by happenstance that certain people and beliefs are in our way? Or could it be the creator Himself trying to introduce us to HIS FAMILY?
Yeah, they’re different. They think way differently than we do. They might look odd, they might smell funny, or speak with an accent, or heaven forbid be a different color. They might be gay or homeless, or a stranger or in prison. But nevertheless He made them. He formed them and He loves them.

I think it’s time we embraced the family that is called by His name. Eph 3:14-15

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