As I was putting the music together for his week I kept getting songs about the resurrection. It’s gonna be a fun week at church!

But then I was kinda thinking, well it’s not Easter Lord..

And then it came to me.

In all of the preaching lately centered around disputing inclusion and the like..they’ve forgotten the resurrection..

So let’s talk about what it meant. Let’s talk about what Jesus really did and then let’s not forget that GOD was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself..NOT counting their sins against them. Let’s remember that all died with Him, all were buried with Him, all rose with Him, and all are seated with Him. In Christ there is neither, Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, you are all one in Christ Jesus. I think we can safely include gay or straight, Muslim or Hindu, black or white, handicapped…and so on…don’t you?

They have so UNDERPREACHED the work of Jesus, that His life changing, hell conquering, death defeating, devil ending work has been laid aside to preach their private agendas. To justify their excessive lifestyles, to keep the work of Jesus under wraps so that they can preach the works of men. Stirring up the masses to fall obediently behind their private hatreds, their terrorizing platforms- that are nothing akin to the finished work of Jesus.

Jesus the second Adam…Adam who for centuries INCLUDED ALL men in his could Jesus the second Adam do less but include all men in his obedience! It’s so hard for the flesh centered men to wrap their brains around a God who has forgiven all for all time. Something so outside the realm of our understanding it took a God to do it. Do you not believe that The Trinity was on the cross? Do you not believe that perfect love could not be overcome, so death was defeated? Do you not believe that your savior led men out of hell and forever sealed the doors of that place? Taking the keys of death and hell He reigns!

Do you not believe that Jesus overcame him who had the power of death? Do you not believe that that He taught you to pray THY will be done on earth as it in heaven and then told you that it was the will of God that all men come to Him?

The real reason we see so many living below the standard of the words of the bible is not because they’ve been given a license to’s because they don’t know who they are! They don’t know the joy of the resurrection and what it really meant to them forever. They’ve equated the resurrection to a one time event ..not the earth shattering for all time apocalypse it was. So instead of telling people their position and identity, they rant about their if that has ever made a real change..

Lifetime change comes when men are awakened to the reality of what God in Christ forever settled..every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord…sooner and enjoy this life to the fullest…or later…when He will wipe away the tears…not of shame..but of what we missed out on here!

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